Cute handmade polymer clay Plini figurines

Polymer Clay Plini Figurines

I can’t get enough of stuff hand sculpted out of polymer clay. How can I, considering they always look so darn cute? Like these, one of a kind collectible Plinis. I don’t think anyone in the right frame of mind can resist them. Check out the delicious looking cupcakes, pastries, ice cream and even animals on their heads!

Plinis are available in two basic sizes. Plini and Teeny Plini. There are even couples! All of them are painted and sealed with a protective clear coating, plus they’re signed on the bottom. Prices vary depending on the designs but they’re reasonable considering the amount of craftsmanship put into each piece.

Check them out at MagicBeanBuyer and international shipping is available.



  1. do you make them and then paint them or use different clay?

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