Savor your tea in cute Japanese tea sets and mugs

Don’t you think your tea would be tastier when they’re served in these cute tea sets and mugs? I think even water would taste sweeter! Here are three of my favorites:

I’m a Little Teapot
This little-red-riding-hood-inspired tea set is short and stout enough that you can serve yourself, and at the same time, make everyone else jealous of your adorable wares! Stackable to save space, this ceramic set includes a tea cup, a pot with an included, removable diffuser, and a mini wicker basket that can hang on the spout, or be used as a temporary tea bag holder. To enjoy, steep loose leaf tea in hot water, and then, tip it over and pour it out!

Saint Tea-tersburg Tea Set
Make sure your home decor is on the ‘bal-tic’ by adding this cleverly crafted tea set to your apartment! Happy to save you from ‘Russian’ around in search of matching mugs, this ceramic tea for two set comes with a red-flower-adorned teapot, a removable mesh strainer, and two matryoshka faced cups – one baby blue and one matching red – that nestle on top of the of the teapot! Add this super cute set to your home, and you’ll ‘neva’ yearn for another way to nifty up your nest!

Shroom for Cream Mini Cup Set
Keep your creamer cute or your coffee hot in this mini ceramic cup. Complete with a mushroom cap lid and matching coaster, this set will make you feel like you’ve fallen into a wonderful land of tea parties where every sip is magical. So go ahead and make room in your cupboard for this adorable cup!

All brand new from Japan now available at ModCloth. International shipping is available.



  1. wuiii… so cute…… >_<
    i like it ^_^

  2. Jorge Ferreira (Brazil) says:

    OMG! I like it! ^^
    Congradulations! Nice and cute blog!

  3. I love this site, everything is so darn cute! I’m finding perfect gifts for my tween daughter, she loves teasets and anything from Japan.

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