Cute Japanese Washi tape exercise book

This is just a simple exercise book but it looks pretty cute doesn’t it? Well, thanks to the different cute Japanese washi tapes that were used to decorate it! I had no idea what washi tapes were until I saw this and I was told it’s the hottest selling item in the scrapbooking world now.

And apparently, this tape is not just good for scrapbookers as we can use it as a sort of organizer or even highlighter. Ok, don’t ask me how because I’ve never seen an actual roll of washi tape but I understand that these tapes come in cute sizes and cute patterns with lots of colors and styles.

You can find the Japanese Washi tape on Etsy or you can find quite a variety selling at They’re not too costly on a per roll basis but because you’ll need a couple to get creative, so they aren’t cheap if you’re thinking of using them for a crafting project. But yeah, they’re pretty cute!



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