Handmade aprons with cute pocket designs


I found images of these at Flickr, which in turn led me to Snappy Shop that is selling these cute handmade aprons.  Wow, for someone who doesn’t enjoy cooking very much, I must say these are inspiring and make me want to step into the kitchen with them.

What’s appealing about these aprons are the cute pocket designs - flower pot, good morning, flirty salad, red toaster, sweet bee, burger and fries - which are big enough to hold your keys, i-pod, cell phone or any good luck charms you may need to keep handy while doing your chores.

Made of 100% cotton, these all look very flattering and will definitely make cooking a lot more fun!   Prices start from US$37 and international shipping is available.

I say they make the perfect Mother’s Day gift!



  1. it’s true!now i wanna have a proper kitchento wear one of those! nice items and fresh news!
    well done!;)

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