Handmade paper dolls from the world over

Found these lovely handmade paper dolls Kirakirahoshi’s Shop. You have sweet Japanese girls clad in beautiful kimono, elegant Chinese girls clad in costumes worn during the Qing Dynasty, Korean couples in traditional Korean costumes and Indian ladies in their sarees. And all of them come dressed in interesting details and accessories!

Each paper doll measures approximately 15cm x 9cm and are perfect for gifts, great as toppers for cards, bookmarks, notebooks, etc. You can even frame them up as a picture and they would look cute too! Cost of each set of dolls is US$9.

Kirakirahoshi’s Shop is based in Singapore but international shipping is available for an additional US$3.



  1. becka says:

    how come there is no arab one u can make on thats like aladdin-ish cute like that

  2. maryam says:

    thank you for beautiful site,spicially small dollls.
    i hope to see your another product.

  3. I love your paper dolls

  4. I love your posts!So cute indeed! Thank you for sharing! <3

  5. Juls Anne says:

    Wow. I envy your creativity. That’s one thing I hope I have.

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