One-of-a-kind unique recycled book bags

Recycled book bags

What do you think these bags are made from?  Books of fiction and fairy tales!Interesting? You bet! Pretty? Definitely!

There’s a whole list of bags all made from real old hardback books at Rebound Designs. The creator, Caitlin, handcrafts each purse from start to finish. She takes about 8 – 10 hours to make each purse and the process includes removing the pages the cover, keeping the spine as the bottom of the purse and sewing fabric to complete the purse.

In addition, efforts are also put into sourcing for unique fabrics and books which were already falling apart, damaged or unwanted to ensure there’s no wastage. In fact, she doesn’t throw away the pages and can ship to customers at request when they purchase a bag.

As each book bag is one-of-a-kind, you’ll need to check with Caitlin on the availability. Depending on the design, prices are in the range of $120 thereabout.

International shipping is available.



  1. Hola ! quiero comprar esas carteras, donde se consiguen? soy de Buenos Aires, Argentina

    gracias, mariel lavalle

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