Printable Japanese Kirigami pop-up greeting cards

Kirigami popup cards

Attention all paper crafters and paper craft enthusiasts! You’ve got to check out these printable Japanese Kirigami pop-up card patterns!

Fancy a panda in a bamboo forest? Or the adorable Koala and her Joey? What about stork and baby? Well, there are so many interesting series to pick from and with over 50 printable pop-up card making patterns, this means you can make a unique greeting card for any occasion. And the best part is that they’re aren’t costly. Prices start from as low as US$2.95 and you can make a few of them! Just download, print, cut, fold, assemble and voila!

If you aren’t sure how easy it is to do this, just download the free pattern and see how easy it is to make a beautiful and unique Kirigami pop-up greeting card.

Check it out at Easy Cut Pop Up.



  1. These are really nice. Reminds me of Robert Sabuda’s work.

  2. Terry Love says:

    Thanks for the lead. I love these cards! I’ve tried a few and they are easy and they turn out looking great!

  3. robhiengler says:

    Free pattern? what free pattern

    Please look at the website. They have free patterns for download.

  4. Had a look, free downloads are with a purchase only.

  5. Connie says:

    I could not download the free template… I am interested in the pop cards but want to try one before I buy to be sure that I can do it.

    Connie: Please go to the site again and write to the company instead.

  6. laura k says:

    I’ve been eyeing these for a while and finally bought the Blossom Series, which comes free with the (butterfly) Kisses series (the same flower in each one with a different colorful butterfly you can cut out for each one). It is available at

    It’s super easy to do, though the directions leave a little to be desired. It was a bit of trial and error and double checking the photos, but once I got it, it was a lot of fun.

  7. When I went to download it tricked me! YOu still have to buy!

  8. Nevermind I got it

  9. Casandra says:

    I love when says: FREE (this that) and turns out that in order to get the “FREE” you must buy thousands in some stuff you don’t even need.

  10. how do you get a free kirigami pattern on easy cut pop up?

  11. You have to sign up for their news letter to get the free pattern then they email it to you.


  1. […] Kirigami is paper folding and cutting, it is like cutting out snowflakes from paper, but can be used in much more intricate and delicate designs, such as these lovely pop up cards. […]

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